GS 2000W Hybrid Generator For Drones 39 - 60 V
GS 2000W Hybrid Generator For Drones 39 - 60 V

GS 2000W Hybrid Generator For Drones 39 - 60 V

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The GS2000 hybrid generator is designed for medium and large UAV system, to extend the total range and improve drastically the flight time.

The double power source allows flying without any concern long distances, even if a generator failure occurs the battery will take your UAV safely to the ground.

Thank the proportional power system only the power needed is generated, having during normal flight only a fraction of the maximum power consumption.


his generator is suitable for UAV systems able to lift 3.5 kg plus the fuel weight, with a maximum power usage of 2KW.

Fuel consumption: 600g/kwh

Generator weight: 3500g

Accessories weight: 200g (backup battery)

Generator dimensions: 21 x 16 x 24 cm 

Noise: 55 db (at 6 meters )

Vibrations: it is sold with an included anti-vibration system

stroke: 2 stroke

displacement: 30cc

The voltage can be custom requested (18 - 52v)

Automatic start system

Can be mounted on standard 12 or 10 mm standard tubes for gimbal support or any other support on REQUEST.

All our carbon fiber parts are CNC made.

For more powerful generator and special requests please contact

*All our products are manufactured according to the order, it takes 30 days for this gas generator to be built, tested and shipped.