"This is a radical change in the way we perceive the drone technology, they are not anymore just toys, they are the next cargo transport aircraft, they are the next generation of SAR aircraft"

                                                                         Founders of SandwichAero

 Just in the first year we received here at SandwichAero hundreds of quote request for our products, we have customers in 20 countries around the world both from a civilian back-ground and military.

In the next five years we plan to have the largest UAV (cargo and SAR oriented) company in the world, inside a market with no competitors.

Our next products to accomplish this mission are the new HY500, our search and rescue oriented drone with more than 3 hours of flight time and our super heavy lift HE10 capable of transporting more than 10 kg of payload to any destination inside a 200 km range. 

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