Under Development

Next Year Development:


A new hybrid drone is being designed here at the sandwichaero laboratories, smaller and cheaper than our actual 2000W hybrid drone.

Our next model (the new HY500) is going to use 15" propellers and a 1000W generator, a configuration which will provide 3 hours of flight time with a light payload (up to 500g) and more than 2 hours with a medium payload (up to 2kg). Oriented for search and rescue operations (SAR) will help to inspect large areas without refueling, doing this operation in a way thousand times less expensive than using a traditional helicopter.

We are developing this small unit along with our HY1500 unit and more powerfull hybrid generator systems, ranging from 3000W to 5500W with a unit small and light-weight.


 Next two years development:

In the near future we are planning to finish the design and testing phase of the HY10, an hybrid UAV platform capable of 10kg of payload, perfect for agricolture spry, delivering food and medical supplies to remote regions, as well as for search and rescue with heavy FLIR cameras.

Further developments

We are planning for even bigger drones with payloads from 15 to 90 kg, to make it a new way of massive cargo and human transportation.


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